• 12-17-2004, 04:43 AM
    my digital camera situation....
    I've been hunting for a digital camera for the longest time how. Recently, I got a Sony DSC-T1 as a gift. I thought to myself "GREAT...that is just what I was looking for!!" Small and compact…I can bring it everywhere with me!!

    Well.. If you're looking for a highly portable digital camera with all the same great features as some bigger, more bulky ones – the Sony DSC-T1 could be your answer. It’s no bigger than a deck of playing cards but still manages to carry an excellent array of features. It has a huge LCD display, which is nice since the T1 lacks a viewfinder.

    The T1 takes sharp pictures – although getting good shots in low light conditions can be a challenge. Another great feature about the T1 is it’s continuous move capture, which quality is on par with any good camcorder.

    The camera doesn’t have a tripod mount, but if you get the Sony Active Jacket case, it has a tripod mount on the bottom of it. I got one and works great – a must for those of you who want to protect your camera.

    I’ve been pleased with my T1, BUT the pictures are not as sharp as some pics I took with an older Canon S45.

    I just sold my T1 yesterday and was thinking of getting a camera in the likes of the Canon G6 – why? Well, I mainly use my digital for two specific things. 1) I do reviews for www.pinkbike.com – so I need to take pictures of new products, which are not always in well lit areas. The T1 lacks in that department. 2) I have to take some outdoors pictures when riding. The LCD is great in some cases, but when you’re outside in bright sun conditions, you can’t see anything on the LCD. Another good example, lets say you’re trying to take a picture of a bird flying by – you can’t follow it with the LCD if you have the sun in your eyes.

    I think a Canon G6 or Canon S70 will be better suited for my needs since it’s powerful, yet somewhat portable. I have the $$ to get a Rebel or another SLR, but I would probably miserable since I want to carry it with me on bike rides – I know some of you don’t mind hauling it on rides, but I’m the type of guy that even hates riding with a camelback! What I also like about the G6 is that I would be able to use a flash with it.

    I played with some SLR’s here at work and no doubt they offer the best quality and control – but you also have to think about what you’ll be using it for. Top of the line doesn't necessarily mean happiness ;) I would LOVE to get both a portable camera AND an SLR...but at this point I can only afford one of the two.

    I'm open to any other suggestions!
  • 12-17-2004, 05:08 AM
    Re: my digital camera situation....
    oh and has anyone here ever bought from Beach Camera?