When you are new to Medicare:
Make an appointment about a year before you turn 65 or before you retire, so you can review options and plan for costs and cost savings

Up to 6 months before or within 6 months after your 65th birthday or your Part B effective date for a Medicare Supplement plan

Three months before through 3 months after your 65th birth month or Part B effective date, you can enroll in a Travel Insurance Advantage plan

Other eligibility periods outside of initial enrollment”

During Annual Enrollment each year (10/15 – 12/7) you can change, drop or add a Medicare Advantage plan

During Annual Dis-enrollment each year (1/1 – 2/14) you can drop your Medicare Advantage plan and apply for a Medicare supplement plan

Any time you may change your Medicare Supplement plan (you may be subject to health Underwriting)

When you move to Arizona and will lose your coverage from your current plan due to the move

Within the first 12 months of participation in a Medicare Advantage plan