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Thread: kitst3r

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    I'll Cosign

    Buy the D70. You won't regret it. Sure, it costs more. But not that much more. And it has so much more long-term potential. It's the right thing to do.

    You have my permission.

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    As a beginner I played around with a Pentax P30 35mm slr about 5 years ago for a couple of years and remember spending loads on film and developing just trying things out. I have some (my own opinion) stunning landscapes and i feel the eye for a picture has stayed with me even tho i dont take many pictures nowadays. I do have a cheap digital snapshot camera for family pics.
    However after seeing an advert for the Nikon D70 i want to try my hand again. The fact that i dont have to spend buckets of cash, wait forever for the processing and have a fast Gaming PC ready for digital has left me in need some advice.
    I have the budget for the Nikon D70 and like the fact that all those features would be there for me to use as i learn along with the superb image quality. The reviews favour it highly and reading reviews of compact SLR`s i cant find any at that better the D70.
    I am very creative, willing to go get the pictures and wait for the weather conditions but dont want any limiting boundaries so i cant decide on an expensive prosumer digital SLR or a compact SLR eg finepix S7000 or similar.

    Any help or advice appreciated.

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