Having a bowel movement is one of the routines we should all perform every day. However, some people may suffer from constipation and difficult to excrete, sometimes it may take more than half an hour to pass. Which this difficult excretion problem In addition to interfering with daily life And may make you lose confidence already Can also have a negative effect on health
Hello, doctor has a method to stimulate bowel movements. Ensure that you do it and you will be able to excrete more smoothly. It also helps to improve your health.
How to stimulate bowel movements That is easy to do by yourself
Drink a lot of water
Drinking water is the easiest way to superslot stimulate bowel movements. If you can drink 8 glasses of water a day or enough to meet the needs of the body. In addition to helping to excrete better It can also help prevent other health problems, such as dehydration, edema, if someone is afraid that they do not drink enough water. You can also choose to eat more succulent vegetables or fruits, such as cucumber, lettuce, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomato, coconut, apple, passion fruit, pear.
Abstain or cut back on certain foods and beverages.
The food and drink you consume each day It can directly affect your digestive and excretory system. You try to observe and note that What foods and beverages do you eat and cause inconvenience problems? And when you know it, you should abstain or reduce the consumption of those foods, your urinary problems will be alleviated.