These programs manipulate the game memory thereby enabling new features in the game that arenít normally possible. These cheat programs are insanely easy to use; all you need to do is download the cheat, log in and load it into the game while itís running. You will be able to activate and configure all the hack features through an in-game menu which makes getting an advantage in-game extremely easy!

Sea of Thieves is a new pseudo-MMO from Microsoft where you play as a pirate on the high seas, exploring, pillaging, and plundering everything you come across. In this game you start off with a basic ship, but can team up with friends or strangers and together manage a large pirate ship with many tasks to do from releasing the anchor to managing the sails, repairing the hull, and firing cannons at anyone you come across. In the game youíll pick up quests, find treasure maps, and explore many islands you come across in the search for booty.

If youíve spent any amount of time playing Sea of Thieves you may have come across players that seem simply too good at the game. They have perfect accuracy and know exactly where you are at all times. These players may be using Sea of Thieves hacks.

What are cheats in Sea of Thieves you may ask? These are software programs that you can run in order to give yourself new powers in the game you wouldnít normally have. These can be features that let you see where the treasure can be found, secrets in the game world, the locations of other players, and even aiming tools that lock onto your enemies called Ďaimbotsí.