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    CSC: New Standard?

    I am far from being an expert, but it seems to me that CSC cameras are becoming the latest trend. A camera with interchangeable lenses and no mirror appears to have significant advantages over DSLR cameras, cost being a major factor. One problem I see, at least for me, is that most if not all current offerings do not have a view finder. I just don't understand the trend toward no view finders. If I want a good close view with low chance of blur, holding a camera at arms length to focus with an LCD panel seems idiotic. But, as I said I am no expert.

    I would appreciate a real expert discussing the pros and cons of CSC cameras and maybe a recommendation for the current offerings. (I am not interested in any camera without a view finder).

    Thanks, Jim

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    Re: CSC: New Standard?

    I think one reason for the trend is that many have figured out how to use the rear LCD in ways other than holding it at arms length. - Terry
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    Re: CSC: New Standard?

    There's no optical viewfinder precisely because there's no mirror. A separate, non-reflex viewfinder isn't really gonna tell you much about what the camera's doing, and you couldn't focus with it. An electronic veiwfinder (put a screen in a viewfinder as well as the back of the camera) is a feasible alternative, but takes up space that removes much of the "compact" from the camera. These would be Electronic Viewfinder Interchangable lens, or EVIL (although other acronyms are coming into use for those - nobody wants an "evil" camera!)

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