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    Camera for travel

    Hello, I'm about to go on a backpacking trip across Canada. Right now it's nearing end of winter so it's still cold and soon to be wet when the snow melts. I will be camping a lot and outside almost the whole time. Right now I only use my iPhone 5 (in a waterproof case) to take pictures and am not a very experienced photographer.
    I did some research into compact waterproof cameras which seem very practical for my purposes. My budget is around $300 and so far my top choices are:
    1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 (On sale for $300 at local store)
    2. Nikon CoolPix AW110 (On sale for $250 at local store)
    3. Canon Powershot D20 (On sale for $260 at local store)
    I like the fact the panasonic has wi-fi/smartphone compatibility but could live without it. Battery life is important and a decent zoom would be nice. My question is, is it worth buying this camera compared to my iPhone or a better non waterproof camera?
    If you have any suggestions for other cameras please share.

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    Re: Camera for travel

    I just went through this and chose an Olympus 620 Tough. I read a lot of reviews and it seems to be one of the better small bouncy P&Ss for image quality. It's a real pita to use compared to a DSLR, but it also does things like this.

    My budget for a thing I was willing to drop down the highway was lower than the Canon or Nikon, though.
    I took the square root of some negatives and all my pictures came out in the wrong focal plane.

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    Re: Camera for travel

    Go for Canon Powershot D20 It is best option in your budget. I checked on amazon you can get it at $229.
    Panasonic lumnix has wifi feature, only because of that is is little costlier than other 2.
    I use Canon DSLR and never got any problem with it, so Trust is on Canon.

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