Harazin Alaa a super payment processing professional, Works for the restaurant industry to enhance their business.

15 years ago, everything you needed for your business was purchased separately from different vendors. Today everything has become digital, and digital applications are solving more problems for business owners than ever before.

Here are 3 applications to look for when shopping for a point-of-sale system:

1. Happy Hour Application

While most restaurants/bars operate manually when it comes to happy hour, it can be time-consuming, and most importantly a lot of mistakes can happen due to human error. Look for a point-of-sale system that has a happy hour application that allows you to pick the items, set the time, and the discount for the happy hour automatically. This eliminates any human error and is set up for you on autopilot, saving you time and error at the same time.

2. Wi-Fi Marketing Application

This is an application that allows your customers to use your Wi-Fi free of charge in exchange for their name, email, and cellphone number for you to market to them. When shopping for a point of sale system, this feature is a must because it eliminates the need for a marketing company for your restaurant and helps you increase your sales when foot traffic is slow.

3. Market Place Application

This one is a MUST!!! For the simple reason that you donít have to keep buying new devices or software for every single service that you need for your restaurant. If you feel the need for a service, you simply go to the market place and download the application you need for the service that will help your restaurant grow.

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