• 11-26-2013, 11:41 AM
    Holiday Guide For Mirrorless Cameras
    Last night I published a mirrorless camera guide for the Holidays. Please check it out and share it with your friends who are shopping for cameras this Holiday season. Also, feel free to add your comments on the article page. If there's a camera you think should have been included or I left an important detail out, please comment. Your comments will make the guide a better resource for people researching and shopping for mirrorless cameras.

    2013 Holiday Mirrorless Camera Guide >>

    An interesting side note - while I was picking cameras for the guide I realized that it's more difficult to make a concise list of mirrorless cameras than it is for DSLRs. I know because I made a Holiday DSLR guide last week, and it was a lot easier. I also noticed that my mirrorless camera guide has a lot more overlap with the "Most Interesting Cameras" list I shared on the forums a week or so ago. That says a lot about the state of camera technology now. I think we may have turned the corner and DSLRs really are becoming specialty cameras now. Mirrorless is taking the place of the DSLR for the average person.
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    Re: Holiday Guide For Mirrorless Cameras
    Post very nicely written and it contains useful facts.
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    Re: Holiday Guide For Mirrorless Cameras
    You shared a great resource, I am very much interested to buy a Camera this time but I was bit confused among the brands to select.This guide really helps me a lot my first choice was Sony, so I am picking up Sony Alpha A7R, It is best suit my need.

    Thank you so much
  • 03-15-2014, 02:45 PM
    Re: Holiday Guide For Mirrorless Cameras
    Hello all:

    I am a novice photographer and I am totally stuck between these 2 cameras: theSony Alpha 7 and the Olympus OMD EM1. They both offer portability, decent sensor size, and excellent photographs, and that brings me to my dilemma:

    1. My subjects often involve low light settings, no flash, night and day photography: musicians on stage in small clubs, urbex and rurex--abandoned buildings, "industrial" wreckage, New Orleans street scenes, etc.

    2. Given my subjects, I am guessing I'll need 2 lenses: a standard wide angle and a short zoom.

    I'm aware of the price difference for the camera bodies but aside from that, the only differences that seem relevant to my needs are:
    * Olympus has image stabilization in the camera body
    * Olympus has more lenses to choose from
    * Sony has a bigger sensor
    * for the Sony, I would have to buy lenses that have image stabilization in them

    So for my purposes:
    1. how important is it to have the image stabilization on the body of the camera?
    2. How important is the difference in the sensor sizes of those 2 cameras for what I am doing?
    3. Do I need lots and lots of lenses to choose from? (I've been told that I could buy adapters, but that they take away from the effectiveness of the lens)

    Whew. There it is. My dilemma which on a big scale isn't all that important but right now is completely occupying my mind. Can you offer any advice?

    Many many thanks
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    Re: Holiday Guide For Mirrorless Cameras
    Thanks for sharing .