Planning a trip is a very joker enjoyable time. Where do you want to go What activity Or what kind of food to eat Can plan according to your preferences But for you What is most important when planning a trip? Let's go take a test from Japan!

When talking about the word "Card", what is the first card you think of?

A: Cradit Card
B: Point Card
C: Member Card
D: Tarot Card (Tarot card)

Cards symbolize ideas, joker ideas, including tickets to other locations, cards you can think of. Is what you pay attention to the travel plan

A: Cradit Card .. Timetable or Schedule.

Cradit Card stands for reliability and trust. If you choose Cradit Card, you will focus on your itinerary when planning your trip. jokerYou plan everything to work as possible to ensure you can go wherever you want to go. Eat everything you want to eat. If going as a gang, they will try to find a day that everyone is comfortable with. Calculate the travel time to how to go. You sit and plan by imagining everything as if you were actually traveling.

B: Point Card .. advantage or profit.

Point Card that will provide profit from the accumulation of points. If you choose a Point Card, you will focus on the benefits when planning your trip. You'll go where you can experience new and unparalleled activities that will make others jealous. Or go to eat something that can only be eaten there Or sometimes plan to go to a beautiful place to take social photos, however, it is important that you get some of jokerthe benefits from this trip.

C: Member Card .. Value

Member Card provides various benefits and services from being a member. If you choose Member Card, you will pay more attention to the value in travel planning. You will not spend a lot of money. But I will see if the service or food is worth the money or not. You will check the picture carefully. If you look at it as too expensive, find a new place, don't call it stingy. Because if it's really worth the price You can afford it, no problem.

D: Tarot Card (Tarot card) .. Originality

Tarot cards that indicate your destiny If you choose tarot You will be able to focus on experiences that will change your life or destiny. You will be more interested in the local food of the area than the luxury. You will find something strange or something that only the locals know. You'll be more likely to check out personal blog reviews than travel websites because you'll get real things, and will like to go to places that are less interested in others. jokerBut you look at this as awesome!

Everything is possible in the journey. Anything that doesn't work as you think, don't be sad. Keep it for a better memory and experience.