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    Nov 2020

    Question about Canon lens repair

    I've got a 24-70 2.8 L that I'd like to send to Canon for repair, but apparently I have to pay $300 up front through
    I'm a bit confused as to where this price is coming from, and what exactly it covers. Apparently I'll be billed immediately upon submitting my repair request - does this fee apply even if the work conducted is less than $300?
    Does anyone have any experience with this themselves to share? vshare
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    Dec 2020

    Smile Re: Question about Canon lens repair

    I have a Canon 200 camera that I bought in 2018. But after 2 years of use, now there is a problem with the lens. I am not able to click the perfect picture as before. Is there any kind of things that I have to do? If anyone has a solution, please let me know. Thank you

    Anyone can meet here also, Omegle ome tv bazoocam if you knows the solution.

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