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    “Herbal medicine” may cause increased risk. "Endometrial cancer"


    Although the cause of cancer cannot be determined exactly what the cause is. But from many research reports can identify “Risk factors” of many types of cancer. These range from grilled foods that have very dark burns, processed foods such as sausages, ham, red meats such as beef, and mold that can be found in certain foods, such as fungi found in nuts.
    But another reason that might be unexpected for many people who try to take good care of themselves. Is to take too much herbal medicine Or not eating properly That can increase the risk of cancer as well.
    Herbal drugs increase cancer risk?
    Dr. Kamaithon Thienthong Obstetrics and Gynecology Division Rajavithi Hospital Provide information that Herbal medications that are high in estrogen, such as Pueraria, can be one of the causes of endometrial cancer. Because it increases the level of female hormones Or too much estrogen
    In addition, there are other risk factors that postmenopausal women are at risk of developing endometrial cancer, such as:
    Menopausal women who received only estrogen supplementation.
    Obese or overweight people Because overweight people produce hormones Estrogen more than normal weight people
    Breast cancer patients who are taking breast cancer drugs.
    Women with chronic ovulation Which often has irregular menstrual symptoms, oily face, acne or hirsutism
    High blood pressure
    Women without children
    Have a direct genetic history
    In addition, the doctor also provided additional information that "Endometrial cancer is It is the third most common cancer of Thai female genital cancers. Most of them are in menopause. But now starting to be found in women under 40 years old, the number of new patients who came to treat only endometrial cancer of Rajavithi Hospital in 2018, the past, there were 570 people with endometrial cancer. "
    Early symptoms of endometrial cancer
    The symptoms of this disease that are easily noticed are Have vaginal bleeding Since this type of cancer usually occurs after the age of 50, if you bleed after menopause, you should see your doctor. But if the bleeding during the non-menstrual cycle, such as the appearance of epigastric eruptions or xoslot excessive discharge for more than 7 days per cycle, should seek medical attention.
    If detected Surgery is the main treatment for this disease. With abdominal surgery Or through the camera The doctor will then analyze further treatment, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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    Re: “Herbal medicine” may cause increased risk. "Endometrial cancer"

    I was on several medications including during a period where my heart problems were misdiagnosed as severe depression. I have ADHD and I had no will or energy to get out of bed. I was tired all the time.

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