New 18 Megapixel Image Sensor Expands Kodak’s Portfolio for Medium-Format Markets
Pentax Selects New KODAK KAF-18000CE for Upcoming 645 Digital Camera

Rochester, NY, March 16, 2005 – Eastman Kodak Company once again is leading the market byproviding technology that allows professional photographers to capture images with superiorresolution without sacrificing the quality demanded by their clients. The company has expandedits image sensor portfolio for medium-format camera manufacturers with announcement of theKODAK KAF-18000CE, a new 18 million pixel image sensor. This sensor, which leverages thesame award winning imaging technology that has made Kodak the leading image sensor supplierfor medium-format camera manufacturers, has been selected by Pentax Corporation for use in thePENTAX 645 Digital camera now being developed (see yesterday’s related news from Pentax,“First Pentax 645 Digital To Be Unveiled At Tokyo Trade Show”).

The new KAF-18000CE image sensor leverages Kodak’s 9-micron pixel design and colortechnology for exceptional image quality, sensitivity, dynamic range, and color fidelity. With 18.6million total pixels, the sensor provides an output resolution of 18 megapixels to capture imageswith exceptional clarity and detail. New to the KAF-18000CE is a dual-output architecture thatenables faster sensor read-out times, allowing camera designers to achieve increased frame rates intheir final camera designs. With this unique combination of image quality and speed, the KAF-18000CE provides manufacturers an affordable image sensor that is ideal for landscape, fashion,or wedding photography.

The KAF-18000CE joins two existing KODAK image sensors that are also targeted to themedium-format market:
  • KAF-16802CE – a 16 million pixel image sensor designed with a 1:1 (square) aspect ratio
    that is ideal for traditional medium-format photography.
  • KAF-22000CE – a 22 million pixel image sensor that provides the highest resolution
    available for the professional photography market, and which has established a new
    photographic standard for the commercial and studio photography industry.
“We are proud that Pentax has chosen the new KAF-18000CE for use in their upcomingPENTAX 645 Digital camera,” said Chris McNiffe, general manager of Kodak’s Image SensorSolutions group. “As a leading manufacturer of image sensors for the medium-format market, weare committed to delivering the highest resolution image sensors optimized to meet the demandingimage quality requirements of professional photographers. We now offer a variety of sensors forthis market, providing camera manufacturers a wide range of imaging solutions to help them meetthe varied needs of their end-users.”

The new image sensor is the latest addition to Kodak’s extensive and growing line of imagesensors, delivering the core technology that drives the most advanced developments in digitalimaging applications. A pioneer in imaging sensors, Kodak develops, manufactures, and marketsboth CCD and CMOS image sensors for applications ranging from satellite and medical imagingapplications to digital cameras and machine vision products.

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