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    Delkin Burnaway Portable CD Burner - Press Release

    Poway CA, October 20, 2004 Delkin Devices Inc., maker of premium quality eFilm memory cards and other innovative digital photography products, is now shipping the BurnAway portable combo media player. The BurnAway is a versatile mobile CD burner that combines a number of today's most popular digital electronic devices in one unit. The BurnAway features a Slim Type DVD/CD-R/RW Drive, and works as a memory card reader, a digital slideshow player that shows photographs on TV and a DVD/MP3/CD player. The unit operates independently of a computer and can be a lifesaver for traveling photographers looking for a quick and easy way to burn the contents of their memory card to a CD-R. Two built-in memory card slots support CompactFlash (I&II), Microdrives, SD, MMC, SmartMedia, Memory Stick and MS PRO. The BurnAway also supports XD cards with an adapter (not included). New high-resolution cameras need additional memory to accommodate larger file sizes, making the BurnAway a perfect solution for quickly clearing memory cards on the go so you can keep shooting. Connecting the BurnAway to a computer via High-Speed USB 2.0 also enables it to function as a card reader and external DVD/CD-R/RW Drive. You can share photos with family and friends in seconds by directly connecting the BurnAway to any television (NTSC or PAL), and display a slideshow of your images directly from either your memory card or CD-R. The unit's remote control (included) allows you to customize your slideshow presentation with zoom, rotate and transition features. The BurnAway also functions as a DVD-ROM drive, which easily connects to a TV or stereo so you can watch DVDs or listen to MP3s and audio CDs.

    The BurnAway's portable DVD player feature is one of many that Delkin believes make it a "must have" device going into the holiday buying season. Delkin's Marketing Director Alan Parry senses a changing tide in the digital imaging marketplace. "There are so many exciting electronic products available to consumers today. We want to offer our base of customers who are passionate about digital photography fun, affordable devices that encompass all that the digital age has to offer. The BurnAway is the perfect all-in-one solution. It transfers memory card and CD files like a card reader to a computer, burns CD-R's on the fly without the need for a computer, connects to a TV and plays DVDs or slideshows of your photo CDs, and allows you to use your headphones and listen to audio CDs. This truly is a self contained little gadget that can do it all".

    The BurnAway comes with a stylish protective carrying case, a remote control, a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and DC power cord (100V-240V), a USB 2.0 cable for connecting to a computer and both S-Video and RCA cables for connecting to a TV or projector. You can burn up to six 700MB CD-R discs or play up to 2 hours of a DVD on a single battery charge. Optional accessories include a car charger and rechargeable back-up batteries. A multi-language user manual is included, along with fully functional Nero OEM Suite 2 CD burning software and Adobe Photoshop(tm) Elements 2.0 photo editing software (an added $99.00 value). The BurnAway comes with a two year warranty and is available at consumer photography and electronic stores worldwide and online at Delkin's website at www.delkin.com. The MSRP is $299.99US (plus VAT in some countries).

    The unit combines a wide variety of uses, which makes it ideal for both work and play:
    <ul><li>Digital photographers who insist on traveling light can burn their memory cards directly to CD-Rs so they can clear their cards, keep shooting and leave their laptops at home.
    <li>PowerPoint(tm) presentations stored on a memory card or CD can be shown on a monitor and then copied from the memory card to a CD-R to leave with clients.
    <li>You can enjoy DVD's on the road by hooking the BurnAway up to a TV in your hotel.
    <li>The BurnAway can be used with or without a computer. Files are transferred to a computer via high speed USB 2.0 from either the unit's memory card slot or CD. BurnAway works with both Windows (98,ME, 2000 SP3 and XP) and Mac (OS 10.3 and above). </ul>

    "The BurnAway will be a terrific companion for both consumer and professional digital camera users," says Parry. "Here's a great way to not only save money on memory, but have fun while you save. It is portable, easy to use, and convenient. When you consider the strong two year warranty, the range of functions it offers and the inclusion of a free copy of Adobe's Photoshop Elements, the BurnAway is not only an incredible value, but the best product of its kind on the market".

    Delkin Devices, Inc., based in Poway, California, outside of San Diego, has been operating since 1986. Delkin's eFilm digital storage products have become industry leaders in both OEM and consumer markets. Known as the "Camera Store" brand, eFilm is a leading choice among photographers passionate about digital photography. eFilm is available worldwide primarily through a network of independent camera stores and online at Delkin's website at www.delkin.com.

    Delkin's success has been the result of providing a broad range of products with premium quality, innovative designs and an ongoing dedication to superior customer service. Delkin's website attracts visitors from over 100 countries, underscoring the company's international success.