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    Canon DC230, DC220 and DC210 DVD Camcorders - Press Release

    Canon Extends the Reach of DVD Camcorders with a Trio of Sleek New 35x Optical Zoom Models

    New Canon DC230, DC220 and DC210 DVD Camcorder Models Are Feature Packed, Family Friendly and Amazingly Affordable

    LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Canonís trio of new, feature-filled, easy-to-use, DVD camcorders fit comfortably into the hands and the budgets of doting dads, moms on the move, proud grandparents and even film-buff brothers or sisters aching to be making the next great backyard blockbuster. Canonís new DVD camcorders offer the convenience of viewing and sharing DVD discs, whether shooting in 16:9 Widescreen HR (high resolution) format for their widescreen Television (without resorting to cropping or stretching the scene), or bringing distant subjects and scenes up close and personal. Canonís DC230, DC220 and DC210 DVD Camcorders make video excellence and video ease two sides of the same coin.

    All three of these new DVD camcorders combine the convenience, versatility, and broad compatibility of DVD recording and playback with the dramatic reach of genuine Canon 35x optical zoom lens (1000x digital zoom), which is Canonís longest optical zoom on a camcorder to date. Sophisticated yet simple to use, Canonís Smooth Zoom feature actually reduces the erratic, jerky zoom techniques that plague some users of long zooms, smoothing out the process by selecting from one of three pre-set zoom speeds. For even smoother video, Canon Image Stabilization helps provide a shake free image for the entire focal length.

    ďThe new DC230, DC220 and DC210 DVD Camcorders are Canonís latest contribution to the state-of-the consumer camcorder art and further reinforces Canonís position within the DVD camcorder category,Ē states Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Imaging Group, Canon USA., Inc. ďMore importantly, they combine this dynamic DVD technology and many other Canon camcorder advances and innovations into slim, trim, lightweight camcorders that are easy to use, easy to afford and easy to love for the high quality results they produce.Ē

    Slim, compact, and ergonomically designed, the DC230, DC220 and DC210 DVD Camcorderís smooth contours allows the model to snug comfortably up into the userís palm, while the easily accessible joystick and strategically placed controls make one-handed videography virtually effortless.

    Quick Start
    Missing magic moments, bona fide ďfirstsĒ (like babyís tentative first steps) and other once-in-a-lifetime happenings is not an option thanks to Canonís responsive, Quick Start Mode. When in standby mode, Canonís DC230, DC220 and DC210 DVD camcorders are ready for action in less than a second, simultaneously powering up their large and bright 2.7 inch wide 16:9 format, 123,000-pixel LCD displays. This feature dramatically improves battery life and makes the camcorder ready for those moments that may have otherwise been missed waiting for the camcorder to warm up.

    Optical Quality
    The three camcorderís long 35x optical zoom lens that can capture Juniorís first catch in the outfield and not miss the exultant expression on his face, and users can feel assured that their personal milestones (and the occasional embarrassing ďoopsĒ) will be preserved for posterity without the need for retakes or re-creations.

    DIGIC DV II is the next generation of Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV signal processing technology. Even though video and still images have different color requirements, DIGIC DV II digital signal processing ensures optimal image quality for both video and still images. Using DIGIC DV II image processing, the DC series of camcorders produce video with improved color reproduction -- especially in skin tones, and dark and light scenes. It also uses a hybrid noise reduction system that employs two types of noise reduction for images and video that is crystal clear.

    Camcorder Convenience
    The Canon DC230, DC220, and DC210 DVD Camcorders accept three-inch DVD-R/-RW discs, which can store up to 60 minutes of video on a single layer disc, or up to 108 minutes of video on dual layer discs. Canon chose the DVD-R format to ensure high compatibility with a range of DVD players, both old and new. DVD allows consumers to easily locate scenes without having to rewind or fast forward, to create playlists of favorite scenes and can even do some quick editing right in the camcorder.

    Canonís DC210 DVD Camcorder
    Despite occupying the true entry-level tier of Canonís DVD Digital camcorder line, the DC210 DVD Camcorder actually offers users a phenomenally feature-packed camcorder so users can enjoy the superior quality and innovation of Canon optics in a DVD camcorder. From the long, 35x optical/1000x digital zoom, image stabilization, and brilliant 2.7 inch widescreen LCD, to all of the power that DIGIC DV II technology brings to the movie-making mix, the DC210 DVD Camcorder raises the bar for entry level DVD.

    Canonís DC220 DVD Camcorder
    Building on the rock-solid foundation of the DC210 camcorder, the Canon DC220 DVD camcorder adds a wealth of more advanced features and advantages including its a nine-point AiAF autofocus, and a miniSD memory card slot capable of recording still images in high 1024 x 768 resolution. The Canon DC220 DVD Camcorder offers high-speed USB 2.0 Hi-Speed capability, PictBridge compatibility, and Canonís Digital Video Solutions disk for Windows and Macintosh.

    Canonís DC230 DVD Camcorder
    Positioned at the apex of this advanced yet entry-level array of DVD camcorders, the DC230 DVD Camcorder offers the advantages of the DC220 model, plus a 1.07 megapixel CCD image sensor capable of recording crisp video as well as still images in a high 1152 x 864 resolution to a miniSD card, and features the added convenience of a wireless remote control.

    On the Level and Interesting to the Eye
    Because the right features can help any user compose shots like a Hollywood director, Canon has incorporated a level marker and added a new grid marker to the easy mode feature mix. When engaged, the markers appear Ė in either white or gray Ė superimposed over the image on the camcorderís display. The level marker appears as a horizon line, to easily let the user know if the camera is being kept level while the grid marker effectively divides the image into nine equal rectangular segments, making it easier for the user to compose a more appealing and effective shot.

    Available in early March, the Canon DC210 and DC220 DVD Camcorder kits carry an estimated selling price of $399 and $449 and respectively.* The DC230 DVD Camcorder will be available in late March for an estimated selling price of $499.

    About Canon U.S.A., Inc.
    Canon U.S.A., Inc. delivers consumer, business-to-business, and industrial imaging solutions. The company is listed as one of Fortune's Most Admired Companies in America and is rated #35 on the BusinessWeek list of "Top 100 Brands.Ē Its parent company Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ) is a top patent holder of technology, ranking second overall in the U.S. in 2005, with global revenues of $31.8 billion. For more information, visit

    All referenced product names, and other marks, are trademarks of their respective owners.

    Specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

    *Pricing subject to change at any time. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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    Re: Canon DC230, DC220 and DC210 DVD Camcorders - Press Release

    The Canon DC230 DVD Camcorder is just one in a trio of sleek new Canon DVD camcorders. The new DC series all feature a 35x optical zoom lens and the convenience of direct to DVD recording and playback. Available in early March, the Canon DC210 and DC220 DVD Camcorder kits carry an estimated selling price of $399 and $449 respectively. The DC230 DVD Camcorder will be available in late March for an estimated selling price of $499. (Photo: Business Wire)
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