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    The psychological reason why Japanese people love cats so much!

    The psychological reason why Japanese people love cats so much!-ahr0chm6ly9zlmlzyw5vb2suy29tl3dvlzavdwqvmzmvmty3mjczl2mxlmpwzw%3D%3D.jpg

    It is well known that cats are loved animals. How much is its popularity among Japanese people? Can see from the fact that the cats Each local is healthy.

    It is regularly frequented by people to provide food. Or products with the character of little cats and big cats are sold well Whether it is a cat-shaped battery charger Cute crepe-shaped mattress for cats Or even a Pokemon cosplay for cats!

    Why do Japanese people love cats so much? Hiraki, a psychologist from J Spa, a Japanese lifestyle content site, feels there must be something more than loveliness. Hence, Hiraki conducted a number of analyzes from cat owners and found two compelling reasons.
    1. Because cats have a personality called Tsundere.

    Tsundere is a trait of people whose emotions are reversed between being in close contact with you. And ignore you at all All of this depends entirely on the mood of the person.

    Are you familiar? Tsundere, this is a very popular prototype character of the manga. Which when you try to compare it with a cat that no matter how you seduce to die, do not care.

    But when you give up Soon the same cat came back and cuddled, demanding your attention. You can't help but wonder why your approach was not accepted before. You can see that the Tsundere is a perfect match.
    2. Because caring for a cat fills the mood.
    Hiraki based on statistics about the character of the Japanese people. Many Japanese people think of the benefits of others first. And always choose to do something for others first So let's go back to the relationship between the owner and the pet. Although most pets do not obey their owners But many pet owners still choose to prioritize their pets' needs. Hiraki said that for cat owners themselves. Being attentive to the service of their cats can make them feel more emotional than having a pet playing with you every time they instruct.
    What is it like with the deep reason why วิธี เติม เงิน เกม Japanese people love cats so much! It is believed that many people would not have imagined it as well, but this event, the cat born in the raw fish land, was the most fortunate.

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    Re: The psychological reason why Japanese people love cats so much!

    Hello. It is difficult to try this by trial and mistakes. Here we must unequivocally be aware that it will be better for a pet. In this regard, it is great to have detailed information for him on hand. I suggest you pay attention to to always have at hand those valuable tips that will make the life of your animal Long.

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