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    to good too be true?

    i found a price listing for a canon eos 30d "" for only $659 body only.
    the lowest price i've seen most places is around $1300 w/ lens
    i am in the market, and want a 30d (also want the ef 17-85mm is)
    but ovioussly i dont want junk, and even worse if i dont get anything at all.

    here's the link:

    could it really be?

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    Re: to good too be true?

    read the reviews on the site .... if it sounds too good to be true .... it usually is

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    Re: to good too be true?

    Gray market. If you ordered it they would tell you that it doesn't come with any of the accessories that should be in the box (battery, charger, strap, software, no U.S. warranty...) and by the time you order all of that stuff from them it will cost you as much as it would from a reputable retailer such as B&H or Adorama. If you tell them that you will buy all of that stuff seperately at another time, don't be suprised if it is out of stock.
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    Re: to good too be true?

    A quick look at their return policy and physical address would be enough for me to throw up the red flag. Not all camera retailers from Brooklyn are rip-off artists but it would be enough for me to run. Been there, done that!


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    Re: to good too be true?

    So, I was interested in the offer too, and called the company. Much to my delight the 30D had just dropped in price and according to him it was $625.00.

    I said " that is the American version of the 30D right?" His reply "No, the American version is $1250.00" I said, "oh, what version of the 30D is this one?" His reply "The overseas version" To which I replied "Oh...okay, I'll be in touch"

    lol...always best to make sure you know your getting I guess.


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